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Talking literature at ADMC2016

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016by

What better way than to kick off this fall semester with another conference? This time I travelled to Boston, USA, to attend the Academic Design Management Conference 2016 organized by the Design Management Institute. Here I presented a systematic literature review on design-driven innovation. At the start of a PhD project it is important to get an understanding of previous research done. However, I realized that there was not yet a systematic review of published research on design-driven innovation available. The aim of my paper, which I have written together with my supervisors, was to present a systematic review of previous research. In our review we focused specifically on what the contribution of design-driven innovation to value creation is. Second, we identified the facets of design-driven innovation which contribute to value creation as discussed in previous research.


Through the review we identified five facets of design-driven innovation which contribute to value creation; (1) understanding product meanings; (2) generating new knowledge; (3) actors and collaborations; (4) capabilities; and, (5) process. We have presented these facets, and the connections between them, in a theoretical model which I will develop further throughout my PhD project.

Now that we have a better understanding of what has already been researched, we also know what has not yet been explored and discussed. For example, very little have been written about how companies, especially smaller companies, can adopt design-driven innovation as their innovation strategy. This is something which I would like to explore further in my research.


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