Workshop about impact sound at Flexator

February 16th, 2016 by

On the 19:th of November a workshop about sound and vibrations in light wooden joist floors was held within the ProWood Business Graduate School, at the housing company Flexator. Thank you Ola Adolfsson for giving the opportunity to come and visit Flexator and for the arrangement and initiative!

A great number of participants from Flexator with an interest in the area listened to Jörgen Olsson presentation of his research and the present research situation within impact sound in light weight wooden floors. Kirsi Jarnerö from SP also contributed to the workshop by talking about vibrations in light wooden joist floors. The discussions following the presentations concerned new requirements (for instance SS 25267:2015 and ISO 16283-2 for impact sound), human perception, the nature of impact sound in small rooms with wooden floors, stiffness of floors, analysis techniques etc.

There is a common interest in improving prediction quality of impact sound of joist floors in the design stage rather than building prototypes. Flexator shared their industrial experiences and challenges which are valuable for the aim and benefits of research.




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