Recently discovered Birgittine manuscripts in danger!

January 17th, 2017 by Karin Strinnholm Lagergren

Welcome to my blog! I will here write about my ongoing research on chant in the Birgittine Order in my research project ‘The Musical World of the Birgittine –Order’.

But I will also invite my readers to discuss issues crucial not only to this project but to chant research in general and in a broader sense the immense subject music + religion and why this matters. The Birgittine abbey in Altomünster, Bavaria, is one of the important abbeys in my project. It is these days going through important decisions concerning their outstanding library due to the fact that the Vatican has closed the abbey. I therefore start my blog with an article about this fantastic collection including a link with a petition you can sign for the preservation of the books:


Access Denied?! Recently discovered Birgittine manuscripts kept away from scholars. An interview with musicologist and Birgittine scholar Dr. Volker Schier

Karin Strinnholm Lagergren
Senior Lecturer at Linnaeus University
Senior lecturer in musicology and singer of medieval music. Research interest monastic chant, in particular Birgittines and Dominicans. In this blog I write, comment and reflect on my research project 'The Musical World of the Birgittine Order'. Expect loads of manuscript images, tricky chant problems and square notation!

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