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how to buy aidoge

The prompt could be based on a trending social media topic, politics, celebrities, sporting events, and much more. AiDoge’s algorithm is trained on the entire internet, so there’s really no limit to what it can create. AiDoge is offering up to 50% of the total $AI token supply during the presale across 20 stages. The best way to keep up with the presale is to join the AiDoge Telegram group.

Step 7: Claim AiDoge Tokens

AiDoge will appeal to long-term investors that have an interest in growth projects. $AI tokens can still be purchased on its website after its presale sold out its $14.9 million hard cap in just four weeks and its IEO took place on June 19. AiDoge presents a unique investment opportunity as a presale token, enabling investors to buy in at a lower price before its public exchange listing.

How to Buy AiDoge Crypto – Beginners Guide

As more people buy credits to generate memes, this will have a hugely positive impact on the value of $AI tokens. But with AiDoge, new and unique memes can be created at the click of a button. Users only need to provide a simple text prompt, and AiDoge does the rest in a matter of seconds. Another notable feature of AiDoge is its stake-to-earn tool. Put simply, the user will lock their $Ai tokens for a certain number of days.

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how to buy aidoge

Similarly, there is no longer a requirement to share the same memes that have circulated on the internet for many years. Kane Pepi is a hugely experienced finance writer, with over 2,000 published articles covering everything from the top trending crypto coins to how to buy stocks. There are 20 stages in the AiDoge presale, which will conclude in Q2 2023. As per the table below, there are 20 stages to the AiDoge presale. In this section, we’ll take a much closer look at the AiDoge presale fundamentals.

Ultimately, a well-defined roadmap assures investors that the project remains on course to achieve its objectives. Seasoned crypto investors are generally happy as long as these objectives are met on time. For example, alloscomp : bitcoin mining calculator most of the focus in Q will be on the presale, token development, and Certik contract audit. In the following quarter, AiDoge will launch its stake-to-earn tool, enabling $Ai token holders to build up their credits.

This is because investors will need to connect their wallet to the AiDoge dashboard and make a payment in a supported token. The tokenomics of AiDoge is simple, and created in a way that can benefit the investors. It may not essentially focus on an instant price rise, since such projects usually end up dumping their tokens. Instead, AiDoge has decided to distribute 50% of its total supply of 1 trillion tokens during the presale itself. This means that 500 billion tokens will be available during the presale for investors.

  1. Another innovative and engaging feature developed by AiDoge is its voting mechanism.
  2. Will AiDoge become the dominant AI-powered meme generation platform?
  3. Check the payment currency and figures entered and click on ‘Buy Now’ to proceed.
  4. Instead, consider factors such as the reputation and security features of the wallet and which devices it supports.

There’s no guarantee that AiDoge will produce the same returns once trading starts. Many generative AI tools require users to purchase credits to use the platform. This prevents the AI system from being overloaded and discourages bad actors from taking advantage of the system. Another benefit of using AiDoge to create memes is that users can mint their meme creations as NFTs. This allows them to provably claim ownership over their creation even if it goes viral.

We also found that AiDoge will likely appeal to growth investors that favor small-cap projects. This is because the hard cap target on the AiDoge presale was just $14.9 million – a target that was hit in just four weeks. After the presale ended, $AI has now been listed on crypto exchanges from June 19 and is still available to buy from its website. This enabled investors to target even higher gains, should the value of $AI token increase. Nonetheless, some presale tokens have been known to generate substantial returns for investors, which may make them a compelling addition to your investment strategy.

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