Building a Supportive Sober Network: Friends, Family, and Community

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Building a recovery support network can be a challenge – but it’s a challenge that every recovering drug user must overcome. It is also one of the most rewarding and beneficial challenges that you can accept. The important part is to be persistent and to remain a positive example of the changes that you have made. Over time, your family and friends will recognize that you are not the same person that you were when you were struggling with addiction.

These differences could be based on perception, reality or “out of the box interventions” that are not mainstream/lamestream. The most significant difference between a Recovery Coach and other helping professionals is the Recovery Coach is trained to focus is on “empowering” the client to do for themselves what they dreamed about. It is through the motivation, guidance and accountability Coaches provide that transformation occurs. Connect with others on similar sobriety journeys, sharing support, experiences, and resources for mutual encouragement. Taking it one step at a time can help you focus on finding the right support system for your recovery process and sobriety. Building a support system that works for you may feel overwhelming at first.

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Attending support groups can be a great way to meet other recovering addicts who understand what you are going through. Likewise, during these support groups, you can gain motivation from others who may be further along their recovery journey. It’s important to note that your sober support network should not include unsupportive individuals or individuals who are not healthy themselves. In addiction recovery, a sober support network is a lifeline that can make the difference between relapse and lasting sobriety. At GateHouse Treatment, we are more than a therapy program; we are a community.

Once they see that you were making positive changes, they will be happy to assist you and encourage you to continue improving. One of the most important things to do when building sober network your support network is learn how to rebuild and repair these relationships. The people closest to you are often the ones who are hurt the most by your addiction.

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For this reason, patients may be more inclined to shy away from investing effort into building a support network when they graduate from rehab and commit to remaining clean and sober. Nevertheless, it is necessary to invest time, effort, and energy into building a strong, positive, healthy social network even if it requires moving beyond your typical comfort zone. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and seeking professional help in Lake Forest, CA, contact 12 South Recovery today. Our dedicated team specializes in dual diagnosis treatment and can assist you in building a strong sober support network. Included with your purchase of Recovery Coach Training is access to our new recovery management application suite, SoberSystems.

  • Heather has worked with Dr. Jonas since 2014, and her primary responsibility is to work with our Recovery Coaches Program.
  • Almost half of Americans have a family member or close friend who struggles with drug addiction.
  • AA members typically attend face-to-face meetings where members share their experiences and discuss their progress through the steps.
  • Practicing the HOW of 12-step living, Sober Podcast aims to serve all who have something to say.
  • It is through the motivation, guidance, and accountability coaches provide that transformation occurs.

Recovery from addiction is a journey that requires determination, commitment, and support. A solid sober support network is one of the most valuable assets for recovering individuals. A sober support network is a group of individuals who understand the challenges of recovery and provide emotional, psychological, and practical support throughout the journey. Your sober network will become your first line of defense against the obstacles that challenge recovery, so select carefully.

The Sober Network

It may take time and effort to find the support group that serves your needs best. You may have to try out several types before finding one that works for you. For those in recovery and beyond, a support system can help keep you on a well-balanced path in a number of ways.

What’s more, you need to make sure that you are getting your information from a solid, reliable source. Not all information related to addiction and recovery is created equal, and some of it is simply untrue and unhelpful. Granite Recovery Centers has been transforming the lives of alcohol and drug dependent adults from New England and well beyond. There are recovery groups for people of different religions, cultural backgrounds, and professions in addition to more general recovery groups.

One thing that’s important in any of these situations is to take your time connecting with people. You can’t be certain that everyone in your new class is sober, and most likely, few people are in recovery or familiar with how to assist people in recovery. One of the greatest challenges that you’ll face in recovery is seeking and finding new opportunities. Having a strong social group can help improve your chances of finding employment, helping you achieve your educational goals, and connecting with other recreational and cultural opportunities.

  • There are lots of reasons that it’s important to have a social support network.
  • Depending on how long you were addicted, it might take some time for your family and friends to regain their trust in you.
  • Our goal is to provide all people struggling with addiction access to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.
  • It’s important to be cautious about who you connect with, and remember that not everyone you meet will become a lifelong friend.

Apart from attending recovery meetings, you should also participate in other healthy social activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. People with whom you already have a relationship may be good candidates to be in your support network. Your family members have known you longer than anyone else and have likely witnessed your battle against substance abuse and addiction first-hand. However, in some cases, family members may have addictions or engage in behavior that may have contributed to your addiction prior to you entering rehab.

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