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15:56 by Giangiacomo Bravo

Since quite a long time I have tough about holding a blog on sustainability issues. The temptation was strong. I have worked with natural resource management and people behaviour since almost 20 years now, and I think I have something to say! However, so many sources of information (and misinformation) already exist, and the question clearly become whether I can add something meaningful to the debate.

Since I’m writing this, I obviously decided that the answer should be yes. Too often the debate on environmental issues takes a partisan, when not ideological, stand. Scientific evidence is misused, ignored (if it just does not conform to the speaker’s beliefs) and mixed with any sort of arguments from unchecked and unreliable sources. That clearly does not help the public and the decision makers to take the sometimes difficult choices they face in order to provide both us and the future generations with an healthier economy, society and environment. In short, the more the debate is biased the less likely becomes to find a sustainable path for a decent human development on this planet.

What I hope to contribute here is a discussion and clarification of important themes like climate change, biodiversity loss, resource shortages, etc. and of their drivers growth in population and consumption, wrong technological choices, etc. – based on the best-available scientific evidence rather than on arbitrary beliefs based on some obscure online source. I’ll also try to comment news and scientific breakthroughs on environmental issues. There are so many that the only problem will be to select them.

Clearly, I don’t posses the truth and I‘ll be sometimes wrong in my judgements and arguments. In other words, I cannot promise to be always reliable and fool-proof in what I wrote. What I can promise is to select reliable sources of information and to make clear references to them, so that the reader will be able to trace back my arguments. I can also promise to revise them whenever significant contradicting facts are advanced. After all, that’s what we all should do, what science does when at its best, and what the rest of the society unfortunately almost never does.

See you soon!

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Giangiacomo Bravo
Professor at Linnaeus University, Växjö. Doing research in environmental and computational social sciences.

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