Digitala kompetensdagen – a digital day for school and educational practitioners

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Yesterday, November 2nd, Sadaf Salavati and Ali Hamidi from Lnu-STC presented at the annual Digital Competency day (digitala kompetensdagen). The day is a collaboration between Linnaeus University and Region Kronoberg targeting school and educational practitioners. A few hundred teachers, school leaders, municipal employees and other school practitioners participate in this yearly event.

Sadaf had a presentation titled ‘School and digitalisation: a complex reality from a systems perspective’ where she together with the participants draw a Rich Picture on the digitalization situation of schools. She also presented the community and the courses we provide.

Ali together with colleagues had workshops with educational robotics, ‘Computational Thinking and Programming, Challenge and Learning with Engino Robotics Platform’. Educational robotics has been used as a standard practice in schools and after-school settings to improve students’ Digital Competence. Four workshops with the participation of Region Kronoberg are designed with a Systems Thinking approach considering different perspectives and interrelations that are involved. The aim is to enhance students’ digital competence and Computational Thinking. Application of Systems Thinking gives us the hope to better understand the digital competence development when different groups are participating in the workshops.

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