Cleaning the Water

Postat den 18th February, 2021, 10:52 av caliac

Location: Moskogen, Kalmar

At Moskogen, a landfill in Kalmar, Sweden, nutrient-rich leachate water runs into a reservoir. We examine the potential of micro algae to clean nitrogen from the water. Algal production is supported by the CO2 produced by the Kalmar Energi power plant, also located in Moskogen.
Phosphorus is a biproduct of the renewable energy production (wood chips) and is used in the production of algal biomass, which can ultimately be turned into valuable bioproducts.

Contact person: Elin Lindehoff 

Team Algoland, hard at work setting up the algae pools at Moskogen Maurice Hirwa


Location: Mussel Farms, Hagby
Mussels grow in coastal areas and can act as a nutrient sink in the Baltic Sea with no added resources. Mussels filter seawater to obtain their natural food of choice: microalgae. Once the mussels have had their fill of microalgae, they are “harvested,” or collected from the sea, thus cleaning the water of excess nutrients. The biomass of algae-fed mussels can then be turned into useful resources, like animal feed.

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