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Chapter on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity accepted for inclusion in upcoming Springer book

Friday, June 5th, 2020

I am glad that our students continue to collaborate with us and succeed years after their graduation. I would like to congratulate Mauro José Pappaterra – whom I have supervised at Linnaeus University and is now studying at Uppsala University – for this recent achievement: the chapter entitled “Bayesian Networks for online threat detection” (co-authored by Mauro and myself) has been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming book entitled “Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics For Cybersecurity Applications” to be published by Springer Nature in book series “STUDIES IN COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE”. The chapter extends the research started with:
Mauro is also involved in the #railsproject contributing to deliverable D1.1 about AI and railway taxonomy with materials developed in its master’s thesis.
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Paper now available at: