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The weekly flow – Week 42, 2021

Postat den 17th October, 2021, 09:09 av caliac

The latest news, views, and announcements in KM Vatten, Week 42, 2021

EventsRead about the Kalmarsundskommission Think Tank

Highlighted research

Paper in Nature, Energy efficiency and biological interactions define the core microbiome of deep oligotrophic groundwater

Call for seed funding

New call for seed funding has been announced!

Recent Events

Kalmarsundskommissionen Think Tank on Öland, October 4th

A meeting of the minds in Kalmar Region to discuss water challenges and projects in the region

Biocoal, algae, reeds and mussels

Projects, industrial and research collaborations in the field:


A dialogue is underway regarding the production of biocoal between Kalmar Municipality, KSRR and Kalmar Energi. Conversion

of boilers for biocoal production are investigated at Kährs AB in Nybro, among other places. Biogas from reeds, and animal feed

of mussels, has been tested previously in the projects Biogas marine substrate and Baltic Blue Growth



Projects, industrial and research collaborations in the field of dredged material

  • A dredging project in Sjöboviken south of Oskarshamn is looking for an area of ​​use for its



Water in the landscape / agriculture / treatment plant and industry

Projects, industrial and research collaborations in the field of water supply

Water shortages and competition for water were discussed from different perspectives: Access to water for cultivation, groundwater and the possibility of artificial infiltration into drinking water. Can desalination can also be a solution for agriculture? How can and should wastewater and stormwater be used? How can we collaborate aroundtechnical water, i.e. water that does not need to have drinking water quality?

The day culminated in atrip to the Mörbylånga water desalination treatment center:

Highlighted Research

‒ By Mark Dopson

In collaboration with SLU, Uppsala and other universities, KM Vatten researcher Mark Dopson and his team have investigated how deep biosphere communities are able to survive in the extremely oligotrophic groundwaters of the Fennoscandian Shield. Using comparative genomics, they show that deep biosphere communities have common species in two sites on opposite sides of the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, the community thrives via mutually beneficial partnerships of nutrient exchange and by growing in a stop-start manner when energy is available. The study was published in the journal Nature Communications at the link:https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-24549-z


Call for seed funding  

The latest call for seed funding/funding for pilot projects  has now been announced.

You can find it on our website: https://lnu.se/mot-linneuniversitetet/kunskapsmiljoer/vatten/

And also attached to this newsletter! Deadline: December 10th 2021

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