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The Flow ~ Week 11 ~ 2022

Postat den 15th March, 2022, 10:41 av caliac

The latest news, views, and announcements in KM Vatten, Week 11 



Ecochange funded for 2 more years


New report from Svenskt Vatten



Ecochange granted 2 more years of funding

The Ecochange research program, a collaboration between research groups at LNU and Umeå Universities, has been granted another two years of funding. Ecochange research endeavors are focused on the study of food web ecology and climate change effects in the Baltic Sea. A collective of research groups led by fifteen PIs at both universities, as well as SLU and  international collaborators, Ecochange has produced over 300 peer-reviewed articles on Baltic Sea climate change research between its inception in 2011, has graduated over fifty doctoral and master students, and has established itself as a vital partner in the Swedish Agency for Sea and Water Management. Its role in Baltic Sea research is wide-reaching and unparalleled. For more information on Ecochange, visit https://www.umu.se/en/ecochange/.

Sustainable water use in Sweden: A new report

New report from Svenskt Vatten: Vilket vatten till vad?Hållbar vattenförsörjning genom användning av alternativa vattenkällor 

A new report from Svenskt Vatten describes the effect of climate change on water sources, and how water can be circulated in society to a greater extent than it is today.

A new report from Svenskt Vatten describes the effect of climate change on water sources, and how water can be circulated in society to a greater extent than it is today.


To manage our future water supply, we need to cooperate and find new solutions for decreasing the drinking water usage for purposes where drinking water quality is not needed. This report is meant to help the reader understand how alternative water sources can be used more efficiently.


Click here to download a PDF version of this report by Esmerelda Frihammar and Josefin Barup.



Ahead of the launch of the EU4Algae stakeholder forum, DG MARE are collecting views, needs and expectations from EU algae stakeholders.

The EU4Algae project will support the implementation of the EU Algae Initiative and its action plan to increase the production of algae and bring more algae species to the EU market.

This survey is collecting feedback from algae stakeholders to inform the design of the community and how it functions. Complete the survey by 28 March 2022 here.

In 2021, ERRIN’s ad hoc group on algae drawn from the Blue Economy and Bioeconomy Working Groups produced a position paper on the EU Algae Strategy – read it here.


See original post here: https://errin.eu/news/consultation-eu4algae-stakeholder-forum

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