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The Flow – Week 7, 2022

Postat den 16th February, 2022, 11:50 av caliac

The latest news, views, and announcements in KM Vatten, Week 7


Young Researchers Conference: September 28-29; A KM Vatten, Green Sustainable Development Joint venture

Resource: Strategic partnerships

Did you know?: Livet i havet




September 28-29: Linné Young Researchers Conference

Welcome to the first annual Young Researchers Conference, September 28-29, 2022 in Växjö!
The LNU Knowledge Environments Green Sustainable Development and Water are pleased to announced their jointly sponsored conference for early career researchers in green and blue sustainable development.
The goals of the knowledge environments are to tackle societal challenges in the areas of blue and green sustainability, to network with researchers of different academic backgrounds and expertise, and form strategic partnerships outside of academia for the purpose of research and outreach.
The Young Researchers Conference is geared towards PhD students and Postdocs who are interested in addressing these challenges in their research, who want to form lasting collegial relationships with other researchers outside their fields.
The YRC promotes knowledge development, interdisciplinary professional exchange, and an opportunity to grow.
More information about this conference and its content to follow soon. Stay tuned!


Creating partnerships: A resource 

A guide to Strategic Partnerships: Structure collaboration between academia and wider society
Are you looking to develop partnerships outside of academia to promote research and develop new projects? This guide to strategic partnerships is a useful guide to get you started.




EMBRC Kickoff: April 5-6

EMBRC is a pan-European research infrastructure (RI) aimed to support and develop marine research. Linnaeus University, sponsored by Knowledge Environment: Water, will join with other Swedish institutions to increase the availability of marine biological material, experimental facilities, data sets and time series for national and international researchers. EMBRC SE will make Europe’s best equipped marine infrastructures available for Swedish scientists and facilitate access to the Swedish marine RI’s for both national and international researchers. Swedish membership in EMBRC guarantees full voting rights on decisions about rules & routines within the future implementation of the European marine infrastructures. The EMBRC Kickoff will be held in April, hosted by LNU.



Did you know?
A mobile app titled Livet i Havet, developed by Havsmiljöinstitutet is a resource containing images and information for hundreds of species and environments in the Baltic and North Seas. A great learning and reference tool for all ages!

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