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The Flow – Week 15

Postat den 5th September, 2022, 15:34 av caliac

 ~The flow ~ Kunskapsmiljö: Vatten    

Latest news, views, and announcements in KM Vatten, Week 15


EMBRC kicks off at LNU


A new wellness center for Kalmar: KM Vatten gets involved

Update: Young Researcher’s Conference

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  EMBRC Kicks off at LNU

The leadership of  EMBRC Sweden met last week to kick off our national membership in this European network of marine biological resource centres. The EMBRC  “offers a variety of high-quality services supporting both fundamental and applied research activities in Europe and beyond.” Now in 2022, Sweden will officially become a member of this network.

The leadership of EMBRC Sweden: Top row, L-R: Niklas D Andersson, Pierre de Wit, Tina Elfwing, Matthias Obst. Bottom row, L-R: Fredrik Gröndal, Mikael Thollesson, Gunilla Rosenqvist, Jarone Pinhassi


What is EMBRC?

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is Europe’s ‘research infrastructure’ for marine biological resources. We provide access to marine resources, as well as cutting-edge services and facilities that allow researchers, from both academia and industry, to study the ocean and develop innovative solutions to tackle societal issues.

[source: https://www.embrc.eu/about-us]

Stay tuned for more information on KM Vatten’s involvement in EMBRC and how you can take part in this exciting new venture.



Kalmar Kommun + Industry + LNU         
A new wellness center for Kalmar – KM Vatten gets involved

A meeting of the minds last week as members of Havsmiljöinstitutet, Kalmar Kommunand KM Vatten/Lnu, and Kunskapsporten, a Swedish building and development company, gathered together in Stormaren to discuss an exciting new project: A new wellness center for Kalmar. Set to be completed in 2025, this 15,000 square meter building will house a pool, spa and restaurants, and will be built north of Kalmar central. Why is KM Vatten getting involved? Kunskapsporten CEO Joakim Ollén has a vision to establish the entrance of Kunskapsporten as a free and permanent exhibition, dedicated to water research and education and for the public. KM Vatten researchers who are interested in outreach and development and would like to get involved should contact caliac@lnu.se . Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to tell the story of your research, reach a wide audience, and get involved!



Update: Young Researchers Conference (YRC), September 28 – 29    
Planning is underway for the Young Researchers Conference, a 2-day, joint event promoted by Knowledge Environments Water and Green Sustainable Development.


This 2-day workshop is planned BY postdocs and PhDs FOR postdocs and PhDs! Set to take place in Växjö, the YRC will enable collaboration between faculties at LNU and will foster creative, interdisciplinary research at our university. Workshops are designed to tackle real-world societal problems based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals by using your own research tools and cross-collaborative disciplines.


Attending this conference will elevate and strengthen your research network, help communicate your research at the university level, and form lasting bonds with early career researchers outside your circle.


Also included: Two lunches and a dinner at Teleborg Castle. Travel and accommodations for attendees from outside Växjö.


Up to 2 credits will be available for PhD students for attending this workshop, subject to examinator’s discretion.


How do I attend?

Glad you asked! The official YRC website will be published April 19th,  with registration, abstract, and poster info.


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