Trump and China

10:41 by Hubert Fromlet, Kalmar

The United States is a global power. So is China. Two global powerhouses should get along. Will this be the case with president Trump? This is an important question,

It is a clear matter of fact that the political relations between the U.S. and China were in the worst shape for several decades already before the American presidential election. Thus, it seems to be hard to predict improved political relations between Washington D.C. and Beijing any time soon. The question seems to be rather how much these sensitive political relations can deteriorate further if Trump’s heavy protectionist threats against China come true.

Brexit, the possible or probable death of TTIP, increasing American protectionism against China, a possible future populist president in France, etc ., are challenges that can/will contribute to increasing protectionism in the world. Such a development is never positive and would certainly affect China negatively, particularly since China so far has been the main beneficiary from the past few decades of globalization and trade liberalization.

Conclusion: China has no choice but to conduct a pragmatic political course vis-à-vis the United States.

Hubert Fromlet
Senior Professor of International Economics, Linnaeus University
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