Emerging markets and covid-19: structural weaknesses and consequences

09:51 by Hubert Fromlet, Kalmar

Presentation by Hubert Fromlet at LNUs
Baltic Sea Region and Emerging Market Day
Kalmar, October 15, 2020


Institutional Economics always play an important role in my lectures. In this specific context, I use to quote the “father” of New Institutional Economics (NIE), the great economist and Nobel Prize Winner Douglass North (1920-2015). North defines institutions as follows:                                                                                                    

“Institutions are the humanly devised constraints that structure human interaction. They are made up by formal constraints (rules, laws, constitutions), informal constraints (norms of behavior, conventions, self-imposed codes of conduct) and their enforcement characteristics”.

Read the full article here, Emerging markets and covid-19

Hubert Fromlet
Affiliate Professor at the School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University
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