5 new PhD students wanted!

09:05 by Diana Unander

Linnaeus University Center for Data Intensive Science and Applications (DISA) has taken the first steps to build new competencies to the newly established research environment by opening up five positions for PhD students.

  • Physics with specialization in “Big Data in Astroparticle Physics”
  • Computer Science with specialization in Software and Information Quality
  • Computer Science with specialization in Visual Analytics
  • Computer Science with specialization on eHealth
  • Computer Science with specialization on formal methods and Security

All PhD positions are clearly linked to data-intensive applications, most have a core foundation of computer science with specializations in other areas such as eHealth and Astroparticle Physics. The combination of competences and perspectives is something that characterizes DISA. Deadline for applying is beginning of June, see the information about the position for specific information.

For more information about the five positions see: https://lnu.se/en/meet-linnaeus-university/work-at-the-university/



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