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PhD-course: Applied Machine Learning 3 credits

Postat den 29th August, 2019, 08:02 av Diana Unander

Data mining and machine learning is an area within computer science with the goal of bringing meaning to and learning from data. This course mixes theory and practice, with a focus on applied machine learning where we learn what algorithms and approaches to apply on different types of data.

The course includes the following:
• Supervised learning, different types of data and data processing
• Algorithms for handling text documents
• Algorithms for handling data with numerical and categorical attributes
• Neural Networks
• Deep Learning for image recognition

The course will start on Tuesday October 8th with workshops on October 29th, November 26th
The registration needs to be finalized no later than September 19th 2018 via this link https://forms.gle/Qgk91hk7tTxzp7rs7

If you have any questions please turn to Johan Hagelbäck – johan.hagelback@lnu.se

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