Keynote: The false truth about everybody being data-driven

11:14 by Diana Unander

During this years Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University on December 5-6 2019 we have several very interesting Keynote speakers, one of them is Tobias Wagenknecht, Head of Data & Analytics at Aftonbladet.

He will talk about how everybody is stressing out, they all feel the urgency to become data-driven. Established businesses disappear and unicorns disrupt the market and question well established work-flows. There is a hysteria about the need to change and to do it all at once over each and every business area. This presentation is supposed to put things into perspective, I will speak about my own mistakes and how the general perception of everybody else succeeding tricks us into feeling bad. In the end you will realise that you are not alone and that changes take time – no matter how fast paced we have become.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to him and take part of the conference by signing up here by November 25th.

More information about Tobias Wagenknecht: Born in Germany, raised in Spain, migrated to Sweden in 2011 – I consider myself a European data-nerd, who loves the beauty of numbers and charts as much as the satisfaction of  being able to come up with an actionable decision instead of just another report. I spent almost half of my life within travel & hospitality and learned a lot about the eternal struggle of making a conservative industry more data-driven. It is a story about many failures, learnings and iterations – so let’s have a talk and then try again!

Diana Unander

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