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Astroparticle physics and Big Data within DISA

Postat den 2nd June, 2017, 15:34 av Diana Unander

One of the seven areas within DISA is Astroparticle physics and the research group are mainly focusing on the project ALTO at the moment. ALTO is a project the research group is developing for a wide-field Very High Energy (VHE) gamma-ray detector to be installed at very high altitude in the Southern hemisphere. The main work within the group is focused on:

  • The design of the detection tanks and of the full array.
  • The construction of a prototype detection unit on the Växjö campus, including choice of the photo-multipliers, of the scintillator and Cherenkov units optimization, and of the electronics needed to digitize the photo-multiplier signals.
  • The optimization of the array trigger.
  • The preparation of storage, transport and online and offline analyses of the “Big Data” generated by the experiment which will take data 24h per day with no interruptions.

The ALTO research team at the spot where a prototype one detector element will be built. From left to right: Satyendra Thoudam, Yvonne Becherini, Jean-Pierre Ernenwein, Michael Punch


During the period May- September 2017 the group has an invited Guest Professor from University of Marseille, Jean-Pierre Ernenwein.

For more information on ALTO see the university website or the project website. If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project leader Yvonne Becherini.


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