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New PhD-seminar series in Computer Science

Postat den 1st October, 2022, 13:23 av Diana Unander

In Computer Science at Linnaeus University we have different types of PhD-students. Our regular PhD-students, DISA-PhD-students and DIA-PhD-students and will hopefully be approved of getting a second intake for DIA starting next semester. Our PhD-students do not regularly meet these days and we want to change this. This will be an opportunity for PhD-students, supervisors from the university and industry to meet and discuss and provide a structured knowledge exchange.

We are working to increase the quality and formal processes for all of our PhD-students and as a first step we will introduce monthly PhD-seminars starting beginning of November 2022.

We will meet first Friday of each month between 14-16 preferably onsite but if it’s not possible we will provide the possibility to connect online too. During each seminar 2 PhD-students will get the chance to present their research and status for 30 min followed by a Q& A for 20-25 min with a coffee break in between.

Keep your eyes open for more information


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