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Welcome to the March PhD-seminar 2023

Postat den 8th February, 2023, 16:50 av Diana Unander

When? Friday March 10th 14.00-15.00
Where? Via zoom
Registration? No registration needed since the seminar is only online this time, if you have not received the link please contact Diana Unander diana.unander@lnu.se

This time we will only have one presentation and the seminar will be fully online since the presenter is located abroad.

14.00 – 14.10 Welcome and practical information from Welf Löwe
14.10 – 14.55 Presentation and discussion: Using multiple embeddings for visual analytics – Daniel Witschard  (ISOVIS)
14.55 – 15.00 Wrap up – information about the next PhD-seminar


Using multiple embeddings for visual analytics – Daniel Witschard  (ISOVIS)

Embeddings are numeric vector representations of complex or unstructured data. The main goal of embedding algorithms is usually to produce embeddings where items that are similar in the original data set are embedded into vectors that lie close to each other in the embedding space. This makes embeddings highly suitable as input for computational analysis tasks such as clustering, classification, and similarity calculations since it is often more straightforward to perform these calculations on numeric vectors than rather than on the underlying data. For some data types, such as graphs/networks and words/text, there exist several different algorithms (each with its specific characteristics and tradeoffs) and therefore choosing the best embedding technology for a given application is an important and often non-trivial task. However, searching for single candidates is not the only strategy that could be used–and therefore this presentation will contain examples and results (some published, and some work-in-progress) aiming to answer the research question “Is it possible to combine several different embeddings to obtain even better results and visualizations?

More information about Daniels research project https://lnu.se/en/research/research-projects/doctoral-project-multivariate-network-embedding-for-visual-analytics/ 


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