Join the Data Governance Conference, Oxford, UK, 20-21st March

09:02 by Diana Unander

Anna Wingkvist, senior lecturer in Computer Science wants to inform you about this conference in Exeter College, University of Oxford, UK, 20-21/03/2018. Linnaeus university is a part of the Human Brain Project that is mentioned below and we will be represented at the conference.

On the conference website the say the following: “From its inception, the Human Brain Project has pursued questions of data governance. It has now developed a set of data policy principles and practices that foster research collaboration. The Data Governance working group, in collaboration with the UK ORBIT Project, will host this two-day conference to bring together international expertise and cutting-edge research on the topic of data governance in large collaborative neuro-ICT projects. Our purpose in doing so is to clarify current practice, identify obstacles and barriers and propose future ways of organizing data governance, particularly in the context of the GDPR coming into effect.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please contact Anna Wingkvist.


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