Seed funding available to get started with new research collaborations.

09:03 by Diana Unander

We are now offer the possibility of running seed-projects within Linnaeus University Centre on Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA).The seed projects are intended to promote and nurture excellence research, development, and innovation in data intensive sciences and application with cross-discipline collaboration.

DISA can finance up to 100 000 SEK to initiate research cooperation with a connection to data intensive sciences and applications. The seed-project should lead up to an application for external funding.

The consortium should consist of one or more researches from the DISA-consortium in close collaboration with other researchers in order to build strong cross-discipline collaboration. It is important that all members in the consortium have an active role in the seed project. Please describe the different roles in the proposal. Industry/public sector collaboration is a plus.

The evaluation criteria include relevance of the proposal for the operational and strategic goals of DISA, feasibility of the project activity and chances to succeed with an application for external funding within the project time.

The deadline for new proposals are the last day of each month. The group of coordinators of research within DISA takes a decision at their monthly meetings and you will get feedback on your proposal before the end of the month.

For more information about the process and how to apply click here.

Good luck!


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