Impact of external developments on the future of heritage

19:22 by Cornelius Holtorf

In 2012, the European Foresight Platform, a network building program supported by the European Commission,organized in Brussels, Belgium, a one-day workshop with a total of 13 participants on The Future of Cultural Heritage.

The aim of this gathering was to identify trends and drivers of change that may impact upon cultural heritage in Europe, in order to support strategic thinking in the heritage sector concerning the creation, management, preservation, promotion, use and funding of cultural heritage in the coming decades.

The resulting report contains an outline of a number of relevant trends and developments in society, technology, economy, ecology and politics and a discussion of their potential significance and relevant implications for cultural heritage. Interesting!

Cornelius Holtorf
In 2017, Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, was awarded a UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures. This is one of eight Chairs in Sweden, and the only one within the cultural sector. Cornelius Holtorf, holder of the UNESCO Chair, alongside his team, will continue to generate ideas through this forum.

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