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Forthcoming events

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Cornelius Holtorf will present a keynote lecture at KULTURKRAFT 2022 on 7 October in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the topic

“Culture as transformation how culture and heritage can address the future”

To attend you will need to register for the meeting.

50 Years UNESCO World Heritage

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Wars, pandemics, artificial intelligence, a swiftly unfolding climate crisis… The world is changing rapidly, and human communities must adapt to many challenges. In this situation, world heritage presents something of a twofold paradox: when the world needs global solidarity and collaboration, world heritage sites serve as cultural totems of the different nation states, which themselves can be in conflict. As we anticipate and adapt to change, world heritage looks backward, encouraging us to conserve what was before. Fifty years after the establishment of Unesco’s World Heritage Convention, it is time to look ahead – literally.

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To adapt to a changing world, heritage conservation needs to look toward the future published in The Conversation on 20 September 2022.