Chair on Heritage Futures

Futurescaping in the CoHERE project


Researchers of the CoHERE project created an immersive experience for heritage experts from European museums, to tackle a difficult scenario that might exist in our future. Using speculative design and design fiction methods, they imagined a future where museums can no longer keep their full collections and must delete 20% every year. To determine what to delete and how this challenge would affect the visitors’ museum experience of the future, on the day of the workshop, the participating experts together formed the Deletion Bureau… A very interesting workshop model!




Our first progress report


The first progress report of the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures for the period 09/2017-08/2018 is now ready!

Progress report 09/2017-08/2018 (1734 KB (A smaller file in reduced quality is available here (918 KB))

In this report, we document the progress made by the entire team over our first year of activities. Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions!

New book: Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations


Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migration. Edited by Cornelius Holtorf, Andreas Pantazatos, Geoffrey Scarre.

Routledge 2018, 256 pages, paperback available. More details here.

This book breaks new ground in our understanding of the challenges faced by heritage practitioners and researchers in the contemporary world of mass migration, where people encounter new cultural heritage and relocate their own. It focuses particularly on issues affecting archaeological heritage sites and artefacts, which help determine and maintain social identity, a role problematised when populations are in flux. This diverse collection brings together international specialists to discuss socio-political and ethical implications for the management of archaeological heritage in global society.