New Working Party at the OECD

08:48 by Cornelius Holtorf

On 15 and 16 January, Anders Högberg participated in the kick-off meeting of the Working Party on Information, Data and Knowledge Management (WP-IDKM) at the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in Paris.

The focus of this new OECD-initiative is on issues related to the keeping of information and knowledge required to inform future generations about the location and content of nuclear waste repositories. Together with delegates from several European countries, Japan and the US, he contributed to defining the directions for the coming three years of work within this initiative.

Cornelius Holtorf
In 2017, Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, was awarded a UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures. This is one of eight Chairs in Sweden, and the only one within the cultural sector. Cornelius Holtorf, holder of the UNESCO Chair, alongside his team, will continue to generate ideas through this forum.

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