Various activities September – December 2017

16:09 by Cornelius Holtorf

CH takes part and gives a talk on “Destruction and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage as Future-Making” at the technical meeting on the future of the Bamiyan buddha statues organised by UNESCO Afghanistan in Tokyo, Japan, (27-29 September 2017)

CH participates in a regional meeting on culture with a talk on “The role of cultural heritage in societal development towards the future” at Kalmar County Council, (13 October 2017)

CH presents a lecture on “Heritage Futures and the Future of Heritage” at the annual meeting “The Future of Heritage” on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary Conference of Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (26-27 Oct 2017)

CH on field visit with Sarah May to COVRA Intermediate Nuclear Waste Storage facilities near Vlissingen, Netherlands, making enquiries about their approach involving art and cultural heritage (1 Nov 2017)

CH participates with Sarah May in a workshop on “Heritage Futures” with a joint presentation entitled “Heritage Futures, Nuclear Futures” at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2 Nov 2017)

CH gives a conference presentation on “Remembering loss: some thoughts about sustainability and resilience in heritage” at the Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory Conference (CHAT) conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands (3 Nov 2017)

CH takes part in a regional dialogue about national cultural policy on behalf of Folk och Kultur, Kalmar (6-7 Nov 2017)

CH participates in a knowledge exchange workshop run by Sarah May on “Water Futures: Deep Futures” as part of the Heritage Futures project in Lake District, UK (14-15 Nov 2017)

CH attends the Second Coordination Meeting of Category 2 Institutes and Centres under the auspices of UNESCO and UNITWIN NETWORKS/UNESCO CHAIRS related to the UNESCO Culture Sector, UNESCO Headquarters Paris, France (23-24 Nov 2017)

CH actively participates in a knowledge café on “Building sustainable Heritage futures in the Anthropocene” and in the Heritage Futures lunch and card game “The thing of the future”, as part of the Heritage Futures project, during the 19th ICOMOS General Assembly in New Delhi, India (11-15 December 2017)

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