“What Does It Mean to Decolonize Heritage?” in SAPIENS magazine

14:21 by Annalisa Bolin

At the anthropology magazine SAPIENS, UNESCO Chair postdoctoral fellow Annalisa Bolin and David Nkusi, a heritage sites protection specialist at Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy, write about their research in Nyanza District, a rural area of Rwanda. They examine the relationship between local communities and heritage resources in light of discussions about how to decolonize heritage management globally: “We need to be trusted with a sense of responsibility in the management of our heritage,” local leaders argued in the research, drawing on Rwandan philosophies of agaciro and kwigira (dignity and self-reliance). For more, visit SAPIENS here

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Annalisa Bolin
Annalisa Bolin is a postdoctoral fellow in the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures, Linnaeus University.

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