The team gathered in Malmö

09:10 by Helena Rydén
Anders Högberg

Anders Högberg (UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures) presenting a project at Malmö University (17 October ) that he and Gustav Wollentz from NCK, The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning & Creativity, are making together. Gustav Wollentz is conducting a series of interviews with young people in the Araby district in Växjö. The work is part of a research project between Linnaeus University and Växjö Municipality.


From left Carolina Jonsson Malm, Anders Högberg, Emily Hanscam, Sarah may, Anna Bruun Månsson, Kristina Lindström, Per-Markku Ristilammi, Helena Rydén

From left Carolina Jonsson Malm (Malmö University), Anders Högberg, Emily Hanscam and Sarah May (UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures), Anna Bruun Månsson, Kristina Lindström and Per-Markku Ristilammi (Malmö University), Helena Rydén (UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures)

Thank you Malmö University for interesting discussions, and for hosting the team of the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures!


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