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Why ‘Futures Literacy’ is important for museums and museum practices 

Postat den 13th November, 2023, 11:12 av Helena Rydén

Anders Högberg gave a keynote presentation at ”Museenes forskerkonferanse 2073”, arranged by Norske Museumsforbundet and Oslo Museums:

Futures Literacy, Why it is important for museums and museum practices. https://www.oslomuseum.no/aktivitet/museenes-forskerkonferanse/

If you are interested in learning more, you can read this information as well about future consciousness at some Swedish County Museums:

Högberg, A., Wollentz, G., Holtorf, C. (2022)
Framtidsmedvetande på museer: Några svenska länsmuseer i fokus
Nordisk Museologi, 34(2): 5-22


Anders Högberg

Anders Högberg, Professor of Archaeology UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures

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