Preserving the past, shaping the future

07:14 by Cornelius Holtorf

The Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK published a feature about the exhibition in Manchester deriving from the Heritage Futures project that recently ended. The main message of the project is this:

We can’t be certain what the future will be like, but … we can at least try to ensure that the decisions we make today help provide people with the things they might need and want in the future

The exhibition and an associated Heritage Futures Studio will run at Manchester Museum until 2021. Go and visit!

Cornelius Holtorf
In 2017, Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, was awarded a UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures. This is one of eight Chairs in Sweden, and the only one within the cultural sector. Cornelius Holtorf, holder of the UNESCO Chair, alongside his team, will continue to generate ideas through this forum.

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