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Various activities January – March 2018

Postat den 3rd April, 2018, 11:34 av Cornelius Holtorf

CH presents a lecture on “What does UNESCO World Heritage tell future generations?” to our students at Linnaeus University in the course “Cultural Heritage and Communication” (23 Jan 2018)

CH runs a half-day workshop on heritage futures for the “Unique historical Kalmar and Öland” regional development project group, Linnaeus University, Kalmar (1 Feb 2018)

CH presents a paper on “What’s the Plot? Preservation, Patina and Pastness”, Clean Enough? Workshop, University of Gothenburg (6 Feb 2018)

CH discussed the work of the Chair with Mats Djurberg, General Secretary of the Swedish UNESCO commission. He also attends a meeting for members in ICOMOS International Committees followed by a seminar on cultural tourism, organised by ICOMOS Sweden in Stockholm (14 Feb 2018)

CH holds a seminar on “Beyond Romantic Nationalism – A New Paradigm for Heritage?” at the Center for Archaeology, Columbia University, New York, USA (23 Feb 2018)

CH presents a public lecture on “Vad gör jag som UNESCO professor?” for students on Linnaeus University’s Campus Kalmar (28 Feb 18)

CH lectures on “Heritage Futures and the Future of Heritage in Europe” as the second in a series of lectures organized by the Flemish support center for cultural heritage FARO and the Flemish heritage network Herita under the theme of TEIM: Thank Europe it’s Monday and linked to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. Palace on the Meir, Antwerp, Belgium (5 March 2018).

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