Heritage management predicted

07:51 by Cornelius Holtorf

A new paper by Jeffrey Altschul and Terry Klein in the journal Advances in Archaeological Practice predicts an expansion of heritage management in the US until 2031. Their text is entitled “Forecast for the US CRM Industry and Job Market, 2022–2031” and available in open access. They make the following case:

In the next 10 years, the US cultural resource management (CRM) industry will grow in terms of monies spent on CRM activities and the size of the CRM labor force. Between US fiscal years 2022 and 2031, annual spending on CRM will increase from about $1.46 to $1.85 billion, due in part to growth in the US economy but also to an added $1 billion of CRM activities conducted in response to the newly passed infrastructure bill. The increased spending will lead to the creation of about 11,000 new full-time positions in all CRM fields. Archaeologists will be required to fill more than 8,000 positions, and of these, about 70% will require advanced degrees. Based on current graduation rates, there will be a significant MA/PhD-level job deficit.

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