Practice in Israel and Palestine

17:49 by socionomstudenter


Today we went up early to go to Jaffa. Jaffa was once a larga arabic city but after 1948 many arabs were evacuated to other parts of Tel Aviv or Israel. Tel Aviv was at that time a small city, but grew very quickly into a major city. During the 80 – and 90’s again increased relocation of Arabs to Jaffa, but has since stalled.
We visited Ossim Shaloms office i Jaffa and several community services in the area. We were at amixed kindergarden. Their specialty was children with neglect. They worked with the whole family to make the parents more aware. We also visited a therapeutic centre for children with different kind of disabilities and a centre for young women to support them and strength there self asteem.

And last we visited a day centre for people with abuse. Their speciality is to get users in a positive behavior, responsible for leading others with substance abuse problems. A really interesting day. On our way home we toke a stroll at the boardwalk between Jaffa and Tel Aviv, before heading back to Jerusalem.

When we came back to Jerusalem we learned that the flight alarm went there at 14 o’clock. We had not noticed it in Jaffa. The brand, however, that there was a certain tension in the air because of the events in Gaza. The rapid settlement of ceasefire is apparently slightly delayed. However, we have received good instruction on what to do if the alarm goes off where we are.

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